On the microstructure and deformation mechanisms under indentations of TiN/(Ti,Al)N multilayer coatings

N.J.M. Carvalho, B.J. Kooi, J.T.M. de Hosson

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Commercially available multilayer TiN/(Ti,AI)N coatings deposited onto stainless steel substrates have been evaluated with respect to their microstructure and deformation mechanisms. The microstructure and chemical composition have been investigated using a combination of scanning electron microscopy cross-sectional transmission electron microscopy and electron energy loss spectroscopy. The multilayer exhibited a columnar structure extending throughout the film thickness. Micrometer-sized macroparticles were present at various distances from the substrate, being incorporated in the growing film in the solid state. They consisted of a core structure with equiaxed grains having the alpha-Ti phase and an outer layer of TiN. Nanoindentation testing was used to explore the deformation mechanisms operating in the coated system. Analysis of the load-displacement curves showed that they were useful in identifying the occurrence of cracking. By cross-sectioning the nanoindentations, the deformation was observed to occur along the columnar grain boundaries and in the layers parallel to the interfaces. The effect of the macroparticles in the deformation mechanisms has been observed and will be discussed.

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StatusPublished - 2003
Evenement6th International Conference on Surface Treatment - , Greece
Duur: 1-mrt.-2003 → …

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Other6th International Conference on Surface Treatment
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