One size (does not) fit all: evidence of similarities and differences between product innovation management in high and low tech manufacturing firms

Claudine Kearney*, Killian McCarthy, Eelko Huizingh

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Most literature on product innovation management (PIM) has developed through a small number of high-tech manufacturer studies. It is assumed that, for other types of firms, 'one size fits all'. This research addresses this issue by investigating PIM in both high-and low-tech firms. Building on Cormican and O'Sullivan's (2004) Best Practice Model (BPM) this paper analyzes PIM of 112 high-tech in comparison to 184 low-tech manufacturing firms in the Netherlands. The empirical results show significant sector-level differences in the impact of the five constructs and, in some cases, insignificant and even opposite effects. Our findings show that one size does not fit all, and blindly llowing the theory can not only have a suboptimal effect but may even have a negative effect. Furthermore, there are some similarities in high- and low-tech PIM, for example Communication and Collaboration is the only construct that is positive and significant in all cases. The implications of these results in relation to high- and low-tech manufacturing firms are discussed.

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TijdschriftInternational Journal of Innovation Management
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StatusPublished - jan-2019

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