Operationalizing integrated care on a clinical level: the INTERMED project

Friedrich C. Stiefel*, Frits J. Huyse, Wolfgang Soellner, Joris P. J. Slaets, John S. Lyons, Corine H. M. Latour, Nynke van der Wal, Peter de Jonge

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During the last 10 years the INTERMED method has been developed as a generic method for the assessment of bio-psychosocial health risks and health needs and for planning of integrated treatment. The INTERMED has been conceptualized to counteract divisions and fragmentation of medical care. Designed to enhance the communication between patients and the health providers as well as between different professions and disciplines, the INTERMED is a visualized, action-oriented decision-support tool. This article presents various aspects of the INTERMED, such as its relevance, description, scoring, the related patient interview and treatment planning, scientific evaluation, implementation, and support for the method.

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StatusPublished - jul-2006

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