Opinions on changes in the Romanian health care system from people's point of view: a descriptive study

AC Bara*, WJA van den Heuvel, JAM Maarse, J van Dijk, LP de Witte

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After 10 years of changes, the Romanian people were asked to assess the consequences of the reforms that were carried out through the health care system in the last decennium. This article studies the opinion of changes among individuals and socio-economic-demographic groups living in Dolj region. Such surveys are rare in Romania. People show to have different opinions on quality of care, accessibility and on attitudes of politicians to health care comparing the present state of affaires with the past one. Overall the people judge the actual situation preferable to the past. The elderly, the chronically ill and the people who believe that people were happier 10 years ago have a more critical view on the changes especially in terms of accessibility. The higher educated people have a more positive opinion on the consequences of the reforms. The results may help to improve the communication between policy makers and the population. It is suggested that the involvement of the citizens in the health care reforms may realize a better implementation of Romanian health care reforms. This involvement is lacking. (C) 2003 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

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StatusPublished - nov.-2003

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