Optically induced cis-trans isomerisation of (η6-cis-stilbene)Cr(CO)3

Anthony C. Coleman, Nicola M. Boyle, Conor Long, Ramunas Augulis, Audrius Pugzlys, Paul H.M. van Loosdrecht, Wesley R. Browne, Ben L. Feringa, Kate L. Ronayne, Mary T. Pryce*

*Corresponding author voor dit werk

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The femto- and picosecond time resolved spectroscopy of (η6-cis-stilbene)Cr(CO)3 provides evidence for three optically accessible excited states one leading to cis-trans isomerisation of the coordinated stilbene ligand and another which results in a slow release of CO.
Originele taal-2English
Pagina's (van-tot)2201-2203
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TijdschriftDalton Transactions
Nummer van het tijdschrift9
StatusPublished - 2010


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