Optimizing Tailored Health Promotion for Older Adults: Understanding Their Perspectives on Healthy Living

Anne Esther Marcus-Varwijk, Marg Koopmans, Tommy L S Visscher, Jacob C Seidell, Joris P J Slaets, Carolien H M Smits

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Objective: This study explores older adults' perspectives on healthy living, and their interactions with professionals regarding healthy living. This perspective is necessary for health professionals when they engage in tailored health promotion in their daily work routines. Method: In a qualitative study, 18 semi-structured interviews were carried out with older adults (aged 55-98) living in the Netherlands. The framework analysis method was used to analyze the transcripts. Results: Three themes emerged from the data-(a) healthy living: daily routines and staying active, (b) enacting healthy living: accepting and adapting, (c) interaction with health professionals with regard to healthy living: autonomy and reciprocity. Discussion: Older adults experience healthy living in a holistic way in which they prefer to live active and independent lives. Health professionals should focus on building an equal relationship of trust and focus on positive health outcomes, such as autonomy and self-sufficiency when communicating about healthy living.

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TijdschriftGerontology & geriatric medicine
StatusPublished - 1-feb.-2017

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