Opvattingen van mbo-docenten over beroepsgerichte taal- en communicatie-eisen en de aansluiting op een dynamische arbeidsmarkt

Annet Bruin, Jacqueline van Kruiningen , Kees de Glopper, Arjan van der Meijden, Nicole van der Meulen

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    This article explores two cases of teacher beliefs about the connection between students’ language and communication skills in secondary vocational education and training (in the Netherlands: mbo) and the skills required in the dynamic labour market. Previous studies showed that alumni’s language and communication skills do not fit in with changing demands of the labour market. This study pertains to language and subject teachers from two vocational curricula who discussed this topic in focus group meetings.These data were complemented with one-to-one interviews and a survey among language teachers. The findings show that the contacts between the programs and employers are substantial, but that teachers are in need of more information about future demands related to communication skills in changing and new professions. Also, it appears to be difficult for language teachers to design a language integrated curriculum in cooperation with subject teachers. Finally, the national requirements for the examination of language skills collide with the teachers’ and programs’ desire to design and assess authentic professional tasks. These results lead to insights that feed the development of knowledge about language teaching in vocational training and about ways to connect vocational curricula to changing demands of the (future) labour market.
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    TijdschriftTijdschrift voor taalbeheersing
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    StatusPublished - apr-2019

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