Organic Flower Bulbs From Holland - Outlook for the French Market


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The Netherlands is a major exporter of flower bulbs in the world. France is amongst the top10 of the biggest importers of Dutch flower bulbs. However, the growing of bulbs is very damaging to the environment. With the use of 1,5 million kilograms of pesticide and 16 million kilograms of artificial fertiliser, the flower-growing sector is among the most polluting types of agricultural industry in the Netherlands. Growing of environmentally friendly produced bulbs in the Netherlands is nearly absent. Only a very dramatic change in government policy or a drastic change in the market situation could stimulate its growth. This report focuses on the possibilities and barriers of exporting organic bulbs from the Netherlands to France. This is done with a SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats)-analysis. The positive outlook for organic food products in the French market can be considered as an opportunity for the introduction of organic bulbs. To take advantage of this opportunity and to avert the threats, organic bulb farmers have to ‘eco-innovate’, i.e., to develop functional substitutes for existing products and services.
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