Organisational Conditions Stimulating the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Dagmar Hattenberg, Olga Belousova, Arend Groen

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    Our knowledge regarding the entrepreneurial mindset (EMS) in an organizational context continues to be fragmented, especially regarding what organizations can do in terms of conditions to stimulate employees’ EMS. EMS became a subject of interest because of its beneficial influence on organizational entrepreneurship. EMS is theorized to be active amongst managers, increasing the entrepreneurialness and competitiveness of organizations, by influencing their organizational members. The next step is to understand how the EMS of employees can be influenced by organizations. This chapter explores to what extent organizational conditions stimulate EMS. Based on the results from a small sample, the authors propose an investigation of EMS in an organizational context, to further understand its interaction with organizational conditions. The results, based on a survey analysis and interviews, indicate that organizational conditions stimulate EMS, implying that organizations can undertake action to influence employees’ EMS, for which propositions are formulated.
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    TitelSustainable Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
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    StatusPublished - 2020

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