PANDA: Strong Interaction Studies with Antiprotons

Klaus Peters, Lars Schmitt, Tobias Stockmanns, Johan Messchendorp

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    The Antiproton Anihilation in Darmstadt (PANDA) collaboration at the Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research (FAIR) is a cooperation of more than 400 scientists from 19 countries. FAIR will be an accelerator facility leading the European research in nuclear and hadron physics in the coming decade. It will address a wide range of physics topics in the fields of nuclear structure, nuclear matter, atomic, and plasma physics. Several topics in applied science and accelerator development will be addressed as well. FAIR builds on the experience and technological developments from the existing GSI facility, and incorporates new technological concepts, such as rapidly cycling super-conducting magnets.

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    StatusPublished - 3-jul.-2017


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