Parental perspectives on green schoolyards: advantages outweigh disadvantages, but willingness to help is limited

Janke E. van Dijk-Wesselius, Dieuwke Hovinga, Marit de Koning, Jolanda Maas, Agnes E. van den Berg*

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Parental involvement is critical to the successful implementation of green schoolyards. This paper reports results from two surveys that asked a total of 402 parents of children in schools with green and paved schoolyards about their appreciation of the schoolyard, children's behavior in the schoolyard, (dis)advantages of a green schoolyard, and willingness to become involved. Parents from schools with a green, compared to a paved, schoolyard showed higher appreciation of the schoolyard and more often reported that the schoolyard supports varied play and other behaviors. Parents generally saw more advantages than disadvantages of a green schoolyard, and many parents indicated that disadvantages, such as children coming home dirty, are not very important to them. Parents wanted to be involved in designing a green schoolyard and with schoolyard activities. However, they were less willing to help with maintenance, and their time to help is limited.

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TijdschriftChildren's Geographies
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StatusPublished - 4-mrt-2021

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