Participation of adults with visual and severe or profoundintellectual disabilities: Definition and operationalization

Gineke Hanzen*, Ruth M.A. van Nispen, Annette A.J. van der Putten, Aly Waninge

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Background: The available opinions regarding participation do not appear to be applicableto adults with visual and severe or profound intellectual disabilities (VSPID). Because a cleardefinition and operationalization are lacking, it is difficult for support professionals to givemeaning to participation for adults with VSPID.
Aims: The purpose of the present study was to develop a definition and operationalizationof the concept of participation of adults with VSPID.
Methods: Parents or family members, professionals, and experts participated in an onlineconcept mapping procedure. This procedure includes generating statements, clusteringthem, and rating their importance. The data were analyzed quantitatively using multidi-mensional scaling and qualitatively with triangulation.
Results: A total of 53 participants generated 319 statements of which 125 were clusteredand rated. The final cluster map of the statements contained seven clusters: (1) Experienceand discover; (2) Inclusion; (3) Involvement; (4) Leisure and recreation; (5) Communica-tion and being understood; (6) Social relations; and (7) Self-management and autonomy.The average importance rating of the statements varied from 6.49 to 8.95. A definition ofparticipation of this population was developed which included these seven clusters.
Conclusions: The combination of the developed definition, the clusters, and the statementsin these clusters, derived from the perceptions of parents or family members, professionals,and experts, can be employed to operationalize the construct of participation of adults withVSPID. This operationalization supports professionals in their ability to give meaning toparticipation in these adults. Future research will focus on using the operationalization asa checklist of participation for adults with VSPID.
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TijdschriftResearch in Developmental Disabilities
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StatusPublished - feb-2017

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