Participation of ecto-5?-nucleotidase in the inflammatory response in an adult zebrafish (Danio rerio) model

Luiza Reali Nazario, Jessica Streb de Sousa, Francielle Schroeder de Moraes Silveira, Kesiane Mayra Costa, Giovanna Medeiros Tavares de Oliveira, Mauricio Reis Bogo, Rosane Souza da Silva*

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The ecto-5 '-nucleotidase is an important source of adenosine in the extracellular medium. Adenosine modulation appears early in evolution and performs several biological functions, including a role as an anti-inflammatory molecule. Here, we evaluate the activity and mRNA expression of ecto-5 '-nucleotidase in response to lipopolysaccharide (LPS) using zebrafish as a model. Adult zebrafish were injected with LPS (10 mu g/g). White blood cell differential counts, inflammatory markers, and ecto-5 '-nucleotidase activity and expression in the encephalon, kidney, heart, and intestine were evaluated at 2, 12, and 24 h post-injection (hpi). At 2 hpi of LPS, an increase in neutrophils and monocytes in peripheral blood was observed, which was accompanied by increased tnf-alpha expression in the heart, kidney, and encephalon, and increased cox-2 expression in the intestine and kidney. At 12 hpi, monocytes remained elevated in the peripheral blood, while tnf-alpha expression was also increased in the intestine. At 24 hpi, the white blood cell differential count no longer differed from that of the control, whereas tnf-alpha expression remained elevated in the encephalon but reduced in the kidney compared with the controls. AMP hydrolysis in LPS-treated animals was increased in the heart at 24 hpi [72 %; p = 0.029] without affecting ecto-5 '-nucleotidase gene expression. These data indicate that, in most tissues studied, inflammation does not affect ecto-5 '-nucleotidase activity, whereas in the heart, a delayed increase in ecto-5 '-nucleotidase activity could be related to tissue repair.

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TijdschriftComparative biochemistry and physiology c-Toxicology & pharmacology
StatusPublished - okt.-2022
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