Patient knowledge, perceptions, expectations and satisfaction on allergen-specific immunotherapy: A survey

Ilaria Baiardini, Francesca Puggioni, Stefania Menoni, Johan Diderik Boot, Zuzana Diamant*, Fulvio Braido, Giorgio Walter Canonica, SKEP Study Grp

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    Background: Assessing patient's perspective provides useful information enabling a customized approach which has been advocated by current guidelines. In this multicentre cross-sectional study we evaluated personal viewpoints on allergen-specific immunotherapy (SIT) in patients treated with subcutaneous (SCIT) or sublingual (SLIT) immunotherapy.

    Methods: A survey of 28 questions assessing patient's knowledge, perceptions, expectations and satisfaction was developed by an expert panel and was applied by physicians from allergology centres in patients with respiratory allergy treated with SIT. Treating physicians independently reported their satisfaction level regarding SIT for each patient.

    Results: Fully completed surveys from 434 patients (55.3% mate; 66.7% poly-sensitized, 74% SLIT) were analysed. Mean duration of SIT was 2.5 years with different allergens. Most patients acquired their SIT knowledge from their physician (95%) and consequently, their physicians' opinion in their choice to start with SIT was important. Most patients perceived SIT to be safe and easy to integrate into their daily routine. The main motivations for SIT were its supposed potential to alter the course of the disease (45.7%), less need of (28.2%), or dissatisfaction with current pharmacotherapy (19.3%). Both patients' and physicians' satisfaction was high (VAS-scores 74/100 and 78/100, respectively) and showed a significant correlation (SCIT: r = 0.612; SLIT: r = 0.608). No major difference was found in patients' answers based on the level of education.

    Conclusion: In this real life study evaluating different aspects of patient's perspective on SIT, the majority of patients had an adequate level of knowledge, perceptions, expectations and satisfaction about SIT, which corresponded well with the physician's perceptions and satisfaction. Our data warrant the use of patient's perspectives on chronic SIT treatment. (C) 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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