pCLIF-SOFA is a reliable outcome prognostication score of critically ill children with cirrhosis: an ESPNIC multicentre study

ESPNIC Liver Failure Support Work, Caroline Claude, Akash Deep, Martin Kneyber, Salman Siddiqui, Sylvain Renolleau, Luc Morin, Emmanuel Jacquemin, Jean-Paul Teglas, Vincent Gajdos, Pierre Tissieres*, Philippe Durand

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BACKGROUND AND AIMS: Data on outcome of critically ill children with cirrhosis are scarce. We aimed to evaluate the prognostic accuracy of sequential organs scoring systems in children with cirrhosis admitted to Paediatric Intensive Care Units (PICU).

METHODS: We performed a multicentre retrospective analysis of children with cirrhosis admitted into four European PICUs between 2011 and 2016. Investigators were members of the ESPNIC liver failure and support working group. Paediatric End-Stage Liver Disease (PELD) and paediatric chronic liver failure sequential organ failure assessment score (pCLIF-SOFA) diagnostic accuracy for 28- and 60-day liver transplantation, 28-day mortality and 60-day composite outcome (ie. death or liver transplantation) were tested.

RESULTS: One-hundred-and-thirty children were included. The main causes for PICU admission were acute-on-chronic liver failure (ACLF), gastrointestinal bleeding and sepsis. Twenty-nine percent died and 22.3% were transplanted by day-60 after PICU admission. On multivariable analysis, pCLIF-SOFA was the only predictor of mortality at day-28 and of composite outcome. Both pCLIF-SOFA and ACLF were independently associated with emergent liver transplantation. The pCLIF-SOFA score higher than 9 well predicted a 28-day mortality with a sensitivity of 87.8% and a specificity of 77.3%. A pCLIF-SOFA score higher than 7 was independently associated with liver transplantation on day-60. Stage 3 AKI assessed with KDIGO classification was significantly associated with 28-day mortality.

CONCLUSIONS: Half of critically ill cirrhotic children admitted to PICU either died or were transplanted within the initial 28-day period. On admission pCLIF-SOFA score accurately identify patients transplanted at day-28 and day-60 to those alive without LT and is associated with 28-day mortality and composite outcome at day-60.

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StatusPublished - 14-okt-2020

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