Pectins improving energy redistribution in humans and animals

Geert Bruggeman (Uitvinder), Erik Bruininx (Uitvinder), Marco van den Berg (Uitvinder), Paulus de Vos (Uitvinder), Neha Mohan Sahasrabudhe (Uitvinder), Antonius Johannes Willibrordus Scheurink (Uitvinder), Hendrik Arie Schols (Uitvinder), Jan Scholte (Uitvinder), Lingmin Tian (Uitvinder)



The current invention relates to a composition comprising a carbohydrate, whereby said carbohydrate is pectin with an esterification degree less than 65%, a feed comprising such composition and use of said composition or feed for improving the feed intake pattern in animals and humans.
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StatusPublished - 19-jan.-2017

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