Pectus Excavatum Reconstruction With Silicone Implants Long-Term Results and a Review of the English-Language Literature

Bart Jorrit Snel, Cees A. SpronkMd, Paul M. N. Werker, Berend van der Lei*

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Pectus excavatum, or funnel chest, is an anterior chest wall deformity, characterized by a depressed sternum. Frequently used techniques for pectus excavatum repair are extensive thoracic surgical corrections at a young age. At an adult age, custom-made silicone implants can be used as, a less extensive surgical option. Thus far, there are only a limited number of reports in the English-language literature concerning this treatment modality. We evaluated our series of 16 patients treated with custom-made silicone implants, assessing complications, patient satisfaction, and aesthetic outcome. Seven patients (44%) had complications, mostly seroma formation (31%). Ten of 12 patients (83%), who were evaluated at the long-term, reported improved patient satisfaction and 9 of 13 patients (69%), in whom aesthetic results were assessed, had a good or excellent aesthetic outcome. Our study, combined with a review of the English-language literature, demonstrates that there is a place for custom-made silicone implants in the treatment of pectus excavatum, especially in less severe cases at an adult age. Preoperative counseling with emphasis on the likelihood of seroma formation is advocated.

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TijdschriftAnnals of Plastic Surgery
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StatusPublished - feb-2009

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