Peeking behind the horizon: a study of black holes in the AdS/CFT correspondence


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    Black holes are studied extensively in theoretical physics. This is because black holes are interesting for people studying gravity. But also for people interested in quantum mechanics. For a while now it is known that black holes evaporate, and seemingly destroy information. This is inconsistent with what we know from the aforementioned theories. This is because we are exploring new terrain, namely that of quantumgravity!
    During my research I focused on the quantum description of evaporating black holes in a particular model: black holes in Anti-de Sitter space, that is described by a conformal field theory living on the boundary of AdS space. We discovered that the evaporation not necessarily destroys information, but that the process scrambles the information which makes it extremely difficult to decipher. We also discovered that, using the conformal field theory, we can peek behind the black hole horizon.
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