pepKalc: scalable and comprehensive calculation of electrostatic interactions in random coil polypeptides

Kamil Tamiola, Ruud M. Scheek, Pieter van der Meulen, Frans A. A. Mulder

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Motivation: Polypeptide sequence length is the single dominant factor hampering the effectiveness of currently available software tools for de novo calculation of amino acid-specific protonation constants in disordered polypeptides.

Results: We have developed pepKalc, a robust simulation software for the comprehensive evaluation of protein electrostatics in unfolded states. Our software completely removes the limitations of the previously reported Monte-Carlo approaches in the computation of protein electrostatics by using a hybrid approach that effectively combines exact and mean-field calculations to rapidly obtain accurate results. Paired with a modern architecture GPU, pepKalc is capable of evaluating protonation behavior for an arbitrary-size polypeptide in a sub-second time regime.

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StatusPublished - 15-jun.-2018

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