Periodontal breakdown inter-tooth relationships in estimating periodontitis-related tooth loss

An Li, Lianmin Chen*, Renske Z. Thomas, Ubele van der Velden, Amaliya Amaliya, Luc W.M. van der Sluis, Annemarie A. Schuller, G.-H.E. Tjakkes*

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    OBJECTIVES: The reasons for tooth extraction are rarely recorded in epidemiological datasets. It poses a diagnostic challenge to determine if tooth loss is related to periodontal disease (TLPD). The present study aimed to assess the inter-tooth relationships based on the periodontal characteristics of existing teeth.

    METHODS: A cross-sectional dataset of 8,978 participants with complete periodontal examination (including probing pocket depth [PPD] and clinical attachment loss [CAL]) in the NHANES 2009-2014 was used in this study. Spearman rank correlation was applied to assess the inter-tooth correlations of PPD/CAL among 28 teeth after adjustment for relevant confounders. We further verify our findings in the Java Project on Periodontal Disease with TLPD information available (the number of TLPD = 12).

    RESULTS: Strong PPD/CAL correlations were observed in adjacent teeth (r for PPD = 0.652, r for CAL = 0.597; false discovery rate [FDR] <0.05) rather than those on non-adjacent teeth (r for PPD = 0.515, r for CAL = 0.476; FDR <0.05). The correlations increased among severe periodontitis cases (CAL ≥5 mm or PPD ≥6 mm). In line with this, we further observed that the teeth adjacent to the TLPD tooth had the most alveolar bone loss in the Java dataset.

    CONCLUSION: The periodontitis parameters (PPD/CAL) of adjacent teeth could be a potential indicator to estimate TLPD when actual reasons for tooth extraction are unknown.

    CLINICAL SIGNIFICANCE: Periodontally compromised teeth adjacent to a lost tooth may help estimate whether the loss could be related to periodontal disease when the actual extraction reasons are unknown.

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    StatusPublished - sep.-2021

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