Peroxisomes: New insights into protein sorting, dynamics, quality control, signalling and roles in health and disease

Joseph L. Costello, Einat Zalckvar, Stephan Kemp, Francesca di Cara, Peter K. Kim, Nicole Linka, Ida J. van der Klei*

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The 6th Open European peroxisome meeting (OEPM) was held on the 26th and 27th of October (2018) in Groningen, the Netherlands. OEPM is a biannual meeting organized by a European peroxisome research group. Previous meetings were held in Leuven, BE (2006), Lunteren, NL (2010), Dijon, FR (2012), Neuss, GER (2014) and Vienna, AU (2016). Over 120 participants were registered from 14 European countries, as well as Israel, Canada, the USA and South Korea. A large number of European research groups participated, including established and younger groups, showing that peroxisome research is blooming in Europe. This will further expand with the EU Marie Curie Innovative training network PERICO (PERoxisome Interactions and COmmunication;; coordinated by Ida van der Klei), which recently started and aims to train the next generation of peroxisome researchers.
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TijdschriftHistochemistry and cell biology
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StatusPublished - apr-2019

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