Personality and social relationships: As thick as thieves

Marcus Mund, Bertus F. Jeronimus, Franz J. Neyer


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Across their entire life span, individuals are surrounded by others and embedded in complex and highly dynamic networks of social relationships. Many aspects of these relationships are at least partially influenced by personality characteristics, which are in turn likewise influenced by aspects of social relationships. In the present chapter, we discuss the interplay between personality and social relationships and their relevance for a variety of health-related aspects exemplarily for partner relationships and friendships. Specifically, we discuss the role of personality traits in selecting and maintaining partners and friends and how these relationships contribute to the development of personality traits. Furthermore, we review findings on how life events shape and are shaped by the interplay between personality traits and social relationships. We conclude that understanding the life span dynamic interplay between personality, social relationships, and life events is fundamental to examine and understand interindividual differences in health.

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TitelYour personality makes you ill
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