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This thesis sheds light on occupational careers in the Dutch labour market. Although there have been previous studies about the careers of specific occupational groups, not many have investigated careers right across the labour market. This lacuna is due to a lack of mobility data that has existed for many years. Among other things, this situation has led to the curious fact that occupational mobility has been discussed very little or not at all in the conventional textbooks of labour economics, while from a theoretical point of view this mobility is nevertheless considered to be one of the major market clearing mechanisms. Moreover, any empirical testing of the mobility barriers that are presumed to exist in the labour rnarket do not usually reflect the economic and sociological literature on labour market segmentation."The absence of studies of mobility is noteworthy because many of the important ideas in labor market theories concern the nature of job moves within and between labor market segments", Hachen asserted as late as 1990. ... Zie: Summary
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KwalificatieDoctor of Philosophy
  • Peschar, Julien, Supervisor
StatusPublished - 1993


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