Perspective of Dutch healthcare professionals on care for female urinary incontinence: A mixed-methods study

Jorke van Boxtel, Nienke J. Wessels, Eline J. Ruiter, Anne M.M. Loohuis, Esther I. Metting, Henk van der Worp, Marco H. Blanker*

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Introduction and hypothesis : Health care professionals (HCP) can reveal practical recommendations to improve processes and address challenges in the care of women with urinary incontinence (UI) in the Netherlands.

Methods : We conducted an exploratory, sequential, mixed-methods study among HCPs, using the outcomes of six focus group sessions (30 HCPs) to inform a subsequent survey. HCPs included general practitioners (GPs), practice assistants (PAs), pelvic physiotherapists (PPTs), and urologists and gynecologists (UGs).

Results : The main themes arising from the six focus group sessions (with 6 GPs, 7 PAs, 6 (resident) UGs, 8 PPTs, and 7 PPTs) were “identification of UI,” “current state of care,” and “guiding patients through the healthcare system.” The survey respondents included 351 PAs, 124 GPs, 75 PPTs, and 183 UGs. Of these 741 respondents, 72.8% (strongly) agreed that the identification of UI in general practice required improvement and 60% confirmed the need for further education on this topic. Most HCPs (83.1%) found it useful to offer women a patient information leaflet when buying incontinence products, but less useful to ask about UI routinely in specific scenarios, and most (75%) agreed that a multidisciplinary guideline could improve healthcare. Interestingly, 86% of PPTs and 21% of UGs advocated referral to a PPT before referral to a specialist, while 87% of PPTs wanted primary care services to offer a UI consultation hour and 36% of the GPs (strongly) disagreed.

Conclusion : Poor UI identification in primary care and a lack of patient guidance through the health care system hamper continence care provision.
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StatusPublished - jun.-2023

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