Perspectives on ageing in place: Older adults' experiences of everyday life in urban neighbourhoods

Deborah Lager


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    Ageing-in-place policies have been implemented by many Western governments in order to delay and decrease older adults’ reliance on expensive institutionalised care. Such policies stimulate older adults to remain in their own homes and neighbourhoods for as long as possible and stress that this is in their own best interests as they can then age in a familiar, predictable and supportive environment. This thesis shows, by highlighting its subjective dimensions, that the realities of ageing in place are not as straightforward as these policies suggest. Here, older adults’ experiences of everyday life in urban neighbourhoods take centre stage. These experiences are addressed in four themes: neighbourhood renewal; the meaning of local social contacts; everyday practices of ageing in the neighbourhood (including walking); and the daily rhythms of ageing. Through these themes, the social, physical and temporal obstacles to and opportunities for local social interactions and support are addressed. Such aspects can pose challenges to retaining a sense of familiarity in a changing environment that increasingly involves community care and challenges older adults’ social integration. Further, the subjective dimensions of walking, which are important in shaping the walkability of urban neighbourhoods for older adults, are considered. Overall, this thesis highlights how feelings of belonging, exclusion and wellbeing come into being in later life in the context of a neighbourhood. The insights into the realities of ageing-in-place that this thesis offers are relevant to public policy and planning practice in realising age-friendly neighbourhoods.
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