Perspectives on health and health promotion in community-dwelling older people: a mixed-methods study

Anne Esther Marcus-Varwijk


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    This study contributed to the existing body of knowledge on whether or not
    components of health promotion and disease prevention interventions targeting
    community-dwelling older adults with augmented risks of adverse health
    outcomes work. Improving health-related or stabilizing care needs-related
    outcomes in community-dwelling older adults requires more than a minimal
    intervention. Sustained and long-term monitoring in a multidisciplinary setting
    is needed to actually improve health-related and care needs outcomes in older
    adults. This is also true for providers of health promotion and disease prevention
    intervention; they need more training and long-term supervision and coaching
    to achieve effective (MI) skills and competences. In addition, we described the
    personal views and experiences of community-dwelling older adults regarding
    healthy aging and their participation in these interventions. This knowledge
    that the various and unique perceptions of healthy aging of older adults are an
    important starting point for the design of new health promotion programs is an
    important point.
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    StatusPublished - 2021


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