PET imaging of focal demyelination and remyelination in a rat model of multiple sclerosis: Comparison of [C-11]MeDAS, [C-11]CIC and [C-11]PIB

Daniele de Paula Faria, Sjef Copray*, Jurgen W. A. Sijbesma, Antoon T. M. Willemsen, Carlos A. Buchpiguel, Rudi A. J. O. Dierckx, Erik F. J. de Vries

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PURPOSE: In this study, we compared the ability of [(11)C]CIC, [(11)C]MeDAS and [(11)C]PIB to reveal temporal changes in myelin content in focal lesions in the lysolecithin rat model of multiple sclerosis. Pharmacokinetic modelling was performed to determine the best method to quantify tracer uptake.

METHODS: Sprague-Dawley rats were stereotactically injected with either 1 % lysolecithin or saline into the corpus callosum and striatum of the right brain hemisphere. Dynamic PET imaging with simultaneous arterial blood sampling was performed 7 days after saline injection (control group), 7 days after lysolecithin injection (demyelination group) and 4 weeks after lysolecithin injection (remyelination group).

RESULTS: The kinetics of [(11)C]CIC, [(11)C]MeDAS and [(11)C]PIB was best fitted by Logan graphical analysis, suggesting that tracer binding is reversible. Compartment modelling revealed that all tracers were fitted best with the reversible two-tissue compartment model. Tracer uptake and distribution volume in lesions were in agreement with myelin status. However, the slow kinetics and homogeneous brain uptake of [(11)C]CIC make this tracer less suitable for in vivo PET imaging. [(11)C]PIB showed good uptake in the white matter in the cerebrum, but [(11)C]PIB uptake in the cerebellum was low, despite high myelin density in this region. [(11)C]MeDAS distribution correlated well with myelin density in different brain regions.

CONCLUSION: This study showed that PET imaging of demyelination and remyelination processes in focal lesions is feasible. Our comparison of three myelin tracers showed that [(11)C]MeDAS has more favourable properties for quantitative PET imaging of demyelinated and remyelinated lesions throughout the CNS than [(11)C]CIC and [(11)C]PIB.

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TijdschriftEuropean Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging
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StatusPublished - mei-2014

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