Pex14 is the sole component of the peroxisomal translocon that is required for pexophagy

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Pex14 was initially identified as a peroxisomal membrane protein that is involved in docking of the soluble receptor proteins Pex5 and Pex7, which are required for import of PTS1- or PTS2-containing peroxisomal matrix proteins. However, Hansenula polymorpha Pex14 is also required for selective degradation of peroxisomes (pexophagy). Previously we showed that Pex1, Pex4, Pex6 and Pex8 are not required for this process. Here we show that also in the absence of various other peroxins, namely Pex2, Pex10, Pex12, Pex13 and Pex17, pexophagy can normally occur. These peroxins are, like Pex14, components of the peroxisomal translocon. Our data confirm that Pex14 is the sole peroxin that has a unique dual function in two apparent opposite processes, namely peroxisome formation and selective degradation.

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