pH Sensitive Dextran Coated Fluorescent Nanodiamonds as a Biomarker for HeLa Cells Endocytic Pathway and Increased Cellular Uptake

Linyan Nie*, Yue Zhang, Lei Li, Patrick van Rijn, Romana Schirhagl*

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Fluorescent nanodiamonds are a useful for biosensing of intracellular signaling networks or environmental changes (such as temperature, pH or free radical generation). HeLa cells are interesting to study with these nanodiamonds since they are a model cell system that is widely used to study cancer-related diseases. However, they only internalize low numbers of nanodiamond particles very slowly via the endocytosis pathway. In this work, we show that pH-sensitive, dextran-coated fluorescent nanodiamonds can be used to visualise this pathway. Additionally, this coating improved diamond uptake in HeLa cells by 5.3 times (*** p < 0.0001) and decreased the required time for uptake to only 30 min. We demonstrated further that nanodiamonds enter HeLa cells via endolysosomes and are eventually expelled by cells.

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StatusPublished - 15-jul.-2021

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