Phenylalanine Aminomutase-Catalyzed Addition of Ammonia to Substituted Cinnamic Acids: a Route to Enantiopure alpha- and beta-Amino Acids

Wiktor Szymanski, Bian Wu, Barbara Weiner, Stefaan de Wildeman, B.L. Feringa, Dick B. Janssen

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An approach is described for the synthesis of aromatic alpha- and beta-amino acids that Uses phenylalanine aminomutase to catalyze a highly enantioselective addition of ammonia to substituted cinnamic acids. The reaction has a broad scope and yields Substituted alpha- and beta-phenylalanines with excellent enantiomeric excess. The regioselectivity of the conversion is determined by substituents present at the aromatic ring. A box model for the enzyme active site is proposed, derived from the influence of the hydrophobicity of substituents on the enzyme affinity toward various substrates.

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TijdschriftJournal of Organic Chemistry
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StatusPublished - 4-dec-2009

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