Philosophy of education in a new key: On radicalization and violent extremism

Mitja Sardoc*, C. A. J. Coady, Vittorio Bufacchi, Fathali M. Moghaddam, Quassim Cassam, Derek Silva, Nenad Miscevic, Gorazd Andrejc, Zdenko Kodelja, Boris Vezjak, Michael A. Peters, Marek Tesar

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    This collective paper on radicalization and violent extremism part of the 'Philosophy of education in a new key' initiative by Educational Philosophy and Theory brings together some of the leading contemporary scholars writing on the most pressing epistemological, ethical, political and educational issues facing post-9/11 scholarship on radicalization and violent extremism. Its overall aim is to move beyond the 'conventional wisdom' associated with this area of scholarly research best represented by its many slogans, metaphors and other thought-terminating cliches. By providing conceptual lenses on issues previously compartmentalized primarily [or even exclusively] in security and intelligence studies or at the fringes of scholarly interest, radicalization and violent extremism turn out to be much more complex than 'radicalization studies' has been eager to acknowledge.

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    TijdschriftEducational philosophy and theory
    StatusE-pub ahead of print - 21-jan-2021

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