Photo‐biocatalytic Cascades: Combining Chemical and Enzymatic Transformations Fueled by Light

Feyza Özgen, Michael Runda, Sandy Schmidt*

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In the field of green chemistry, light – an attractive natural agent – has received particular attention for driving biocatalytic reactions. Moreover, the implementation of light to drive (chemo)enzymatic cascade reactions opens up a golden window of opportunities. However, there are limitations to many current examples, mostly associated with incompatibility between the enzyme and the photocatalyst. Additionally, the formation of reactive radicals upon illumination and the loss of catalytic activities in the presence of required additives are common observations. As outlined in this review, the main question is how to overcome current challenges to the exploitation of light to drive (chemo)enzymatic transformations. First, we highlight general concepts in photo-biocatalysis, then give various examples of photo-chemoenzymatic (PCE) cascades, further summarize current synthetic examples of PCE cascades and discuss strategies to address the limitations.

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StatusPublished - 2-mrt.-2021

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