Photon-assisted Tunneling In Double-barrier Superconducting Tunnel-junctions

M. M. T. M. Dierichs, P. Dieleman, J. J. Wezelman, C. E. Honingh, T. M. Klapwijk

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    Double-barrier Nb/Al2O3/Al/Al2O3/Nb tunnel junctions are used as mixing elements in a 345 GHz waveguide mixer. Noise temperatures (double side band) down to 720 K at 3.0 K are obtained without the need to apply a magnetic field to suppress the Josephson current. It is shown that the composite barrier acts as a single barrier for photon-assisted tunneling. Surprisingly, at these frequencies the capacitance of two stacked tunnel barriers is only determined by one barrier.
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    TijdschriftApplied Physics Letters
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    StatusPublished - 14-feb.-1994

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