pi pi correlations in gamma+A reactions

JG Messchendorp*

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Preliminary differential cross-sections of the reactions A(gamma,pi(0)pi(0)) and A(gamma,pi(0)pi(+) + pi(0)pi(-)) with A = H-1, C-12, and Pb-nat are presented. A significant nuclear-mass dependence of the pipi invariant-mass distribution is found in the pi(0)pi(0) channel. The dependence is not observed in the pi(0)pi(+/-) channel. The in-medium observation in the pi(0)pi(0) channel is consistent with an in-medium modification of the pipi interaction in the I = J = 0 channel, changing width and pole position of a pipi resonant state.

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TijdschriftEuropean Physical Journal A
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StatusPublished - nov-2003
EvenementInternational Conference on Quark Nuclear Physics - JULICH, Germany
Duur: 9-jun-200214-jun-2002

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