Plastic shear response of a single asperity: a discrete dislocation plasticity analysis

Robbert Jan Dikken, Erik Van der Giessen, Lucia Nicola*

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We investigate the plastic shear response during static friction of an asperity protruding from a large FCC single crystal. The asperity is in perfectly adhesive contact with a rigid platen and is sheared by tangentially moving the platen. Using discrete dislocation plasticity simulations, we elucidate the plastic shear behaviour of single asperities of various size and shape, in search for the length scale that controls the plastic behaviour. Since plasticity can occur also in the crystal, identification of the length scale that controls a possible size-dependent plastic behaviour is far from being trivial. It is found that scaling down the dimensions of an asperity results in a higher contact shear strength. The contact area is dominant in controlling the plastic shear response, because it determines the size of the zone, in and below the asperity, where dislocation nucleation can occur. For a specific contact area, there is still a dependence on asperity volume and shape, but this is weaker than the dependence on contact area alone.

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TijdschriftPhilosophical Magazine
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StatusPublished - 2-dec-2015

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