Podcast for the Association of Child and Adolescent Mental Health on my role as a deputy editor in chief for JCPPA: CoCA (Comorbid Conditions of ADHD) project

C.A. Hartman (Uitvoerder)



For this podcast, we are joined by Dr. Catharina Hartman, Associate Professor of Psychiatric Epidemiology at the Interdisciplinary Centre of Psychopathology and Emotion Regulation (ICPE) at the University Medical Centre, Groningen, and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of our Open Access journal, JCPP Advances.

Catharina’s research team aims to advance the understanding of the onset, and course, of childhood onset psychiatric disorders and uses data from longitudinal studies to explore the interplay between genetics, behavioural and environmental factors.

Catharina has (co-) authored over 200 peer reviewed papers, and in this podcast, highlights some of the studies and findings that have had the greatest influence or are especially important to her, as well as provides insight into what barriers exist when translating research into practice.

Catharina talks us through some of her recent work with the CoCA (Comorbid Conditions of ADHD) project, and discusses what CoCA is, its overall goal, and why it is important for researchers and clinicians, who work in CAMH, to also think about prevalence and comorbidity in adults.

Furthermore, Catharina also discusses our Open Access JCPP Advances journal and details the importance of Open Science and rapid publication for the research community, in particular for those working in child and adolescent mental health.
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StatusPublished - 17-jan-2022

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