Polarization retention loss in PbTiO3 ferroelectric films due to leakage currents

A. Morelli, Sriram Venkatesan, G. Palasantzas*, B. J. Kooi, J. Th. M. De Hosson

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The relationship between retention loss in single crystal PbTiO3 ferroelectric thin films and leakage currents is demonstrated by piezoresponse and conductive atomic force microscopy measurements. It was found that the polarization reversal in the absence of an electric field followed a stretched exponential behavior 1-exp[-(t/k)(d)] with exponent d>1, which is distinct from a dispersive random walk process with d <. The latter has been observed in polycrystalline films for which retention loss was associated with grain boundaries. The leakage current indicates power law scaling at short length scales, which strongly depends on the applied electric field. Additional information of the microstructure, which contributes to an explanation of the presence of leakage currents, is presented with high resolution transmission electron microscopy analysis.
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TijdschriftJournal of Applied Physics
Nummer van het tijdschrift8
StatusPublished - 15-okt.-2007

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