Policy networking as capacity building: An analysis of regional road development conflict in Indonesia

Delik Hudalah*, Haryo Winarso, Johan Woltjer

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This article explores the potential of policy networking as an important aspect of capacity building. It deals with a road development project related to the regional planning issue of North Bandung Area (NBA), a water catchment area facing the expansion of Bandung Metropolitan Area, West Java, Indonesia. The debate on the road development proposal is reconstructed to illustrate how an environmental policy network is built by committed experts, politicians, NGO activists and journalists to prevent a pro-growth project from realization. The analysis also indicates the potential contribution of such a network to the transformation of governance that is more responsive to the issues of environmental quality and regional sustainability. This potential contribution is reflected by the role of the policy network in the mobilization of discursive knowledge, empowerment of weak actors, and social learning in the decision-making process.

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TijdschriftPlanning Theory
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StatusPublished - nov-2010

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