Port-Cities and Sustainable Development in Indonesia: The Case of Patimban Port and Rebana Metropolitan Area

Choerudin Choerudin*, Johan Woltjer, Ron Holzhacker, Tim Busscher

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Studies indicate that port-city relationships play an essential role in promoting sustainable development. These relationships are characterised by dynamic economic, social, and ecological interactions between port development and city land uses. However, most research focuses on European ports with specific topics on technologies, methods, and measurements to promote sustainability. This study offers a perspective on how developing countries in Southeast Asia, and more specifically, an Indonesian case, face sustainable port-cities challenges related to balancing the impact of economic growth with social development and environmental and climate concerns. The study uses an integrated decision-making framework for sustainable development transformation. The methodology comprises qualitative content analysis of policy documents alongside interviews with key decision-makers of two interrelated cases: the Patimban port and the Rebana metropolitan area developments in West Java Province. The results show that economic growth policies based on developing industrial areas strongly influence port city development in Indonesia. Consequently, developments lead to environmental and social conflicts that can hinder the achievement of sustainable development targets. The analysis conveys that the developments of Patimban Port and the Rebana metropolitan area tend to be fragmented between sectors and different government levels. More integrated decision-making based on a place-based approach will be a significant element to achieve a sustainable future in the port-city interface in Indonesia.

Keywords. Port-city relationships; Sustainable development; Integrated decision-making.
Originele taal-2English
Titel Transformative Futures of Cities
SubtitelClimate and Sustainable Development in Southeast Asia
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Aantal pagina's18
StatusSubmitted - 31-mrt.-2024


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