Positive ageing of low SES older adults in their community: Exploring older adults’ perspectives on health and ageing, and improving the physical, social, and mental health, as well as self-management and wellbeing of older adults with a lower socioeconomic status


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    What does it truly mean to age positively and healthy? And how does this definition resonate for older adults with a lower socioeconomic status? How can health interventions facilitate and bolster positive healthy ageing?
    The evolution from a welfare state to a participatory society requires citizens to take a proactive stance in maintaining their health and well-being. This shift poses challenges, especially for vulnerable groups like older adults with a lower socioeconomic status. This dissertation delves into the potential benefits of a novel health intervention with a community-approach named "Community Wise." It explores its impact on the physical, social, and mental health and well-being of intervention participants. The results of the intervention hint towards a subtle yet positive effect, primarily observed in the realm of social health. Utilizing photo-elicitation methods, conversations with older adults with a lower socioeconomic status shed light on their perspective on health and positive aging. The social component of health, such as contact with children or grandchildren, are not linked explicitly to health but are one of the most important contributors to well-being. The use of photo-elicitation research among older adults with a lower socioeconomic status show promising insights. It gives a voice to those often unheard, particularly those who are often underrepresented in survey research due to linguistic barriers.
    This dissertation draws attention to the perspective of older adults with a lower socioeconomic status in both policymaking and academic research. Furthermore, it highlights the promising potential of community-based interventions, especially when embedded by local professionals.
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