POSTER: A novel servo-driven dual-roller handrim wheelchair ergometer: comparison with a measurement wheel

Rick Klerk, de, Riemer Vegter, DirkJan (H. E. J.) Veeger, L. H. V. van der Woude


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Measurement wheels allow for the collection of detailed information on propulsion technique. However, the wheels of the wheelchair need to be replaced, which alters the wheelchair-user interface. An ergometer allows for the collection of the same data without changing the wheelchair. A new computer controlled ergometer is presented which allows for the collection of similar data through indirect measurements while providing a constrained and standardized environment.
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StatusPublished - 4-sep-2019
EvenementVista 2019: Healthy and Fit for Optimal Performance - Novotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Duur: 4-sep-20197-sep-2019


ConferenceVista 2019
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