Power in organizational life: An investigation of how stable and unstable power affect important organizational and leadership outcomes


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Power is a fundamental feature of organizational life. Considering the important role of power in organizations, it seems crucial to understand how power affects its beholders. This dissertation examines power in an organizational context, and by doing so, contributes to the understanding of power in meaningful ways. First, this dissertation moves towards a more dynamic view of power by illustrating that the (in)stability of power hierarchies should be considered in order to fully understand the consequences of power in organizations. Second, this dissertation moves towards a more nuanced view of power and unethical behavior by showing that power is not always a corrupting force. Overall, this dissertation aims to shine more light on one of the most fundamental constructs in organizations: power.
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  • Stoker, Janka, Supervisor
  • Jordan, Jennifer, Supervisor
  • Walter, Frank, Supervisor
  • Rink, Floor, Beoordelingscommissie
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