Predictability of extreme values in geophysical models

A.E. Sterk, M.P. Holland, P. Rabassa, H.W. Broer, R. Vitolo

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    Extreme value theory in deterministic systems is concerned with unlikely large (or small) values of an observable evaluated along evolutions of the system. In this paper we study the finite-time predictability of extreme values, such as convection, energy, and wind speeds, in three geophysical models. We study whether finite-time Lyapunov exponents are larger or smaller for initial conditions leading to extremes. General statements on whether extreme values are better or less predictable are not possible: the predictability of extreme values depends on the observable, the attractor of the system, and the prediction lead time.

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    TijdschriftNonlinear processes in geophysics
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    StatusPublished - 2012

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