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To prevent renal graft thrombosis in kidney transplantation, centres use different perioperative anticoagulant strategies, based on various risk factors. In our centre, patients transplanted preemptively are considered at increased risk of renal graft thrombosis compared to patients who are dialysis-dependent at time of transplantation. Therefore these patients are given a single dose of 5000 IU unfractionated heparin intraoperatively before clamping of the vessels. We questioned whether there is a difference in haemostatic state between preemptively and non-preemptively transplanted patients and whether the distinction in intraoperative heparin administration used in our center is justified. For this analysis, citrate samples of patients participating in the VAPOR-1 trial were used and several haemostatic and fibrinolytic parameters were measured in 29 preemptively and 28 non-preemptively transplanted patients and compared to 37 living kidney donors. Sample points were: induction anaesthesia (T1), 5 minutes after reperfusion (T2) and 2 hours postoperative (T3). At T1, recipient groups showed comparable elevated levels of platelet factor 4 (PF4, indicating platelet activation), prothrombin fragment F1+2 and D-dimer (indicating coagulation activation) and Von Willebrand Factor (indicating endothelial activation) compared to the donors. The Clot Lysis Time (CLT, a measure of fibrinolytic potential) was prolonged in both recipient groups compared to the donors. At T3, F1+2, PF4 and CLT were higher in non-preemptively transplanted recipients compared to preemptively transplanted recipients. Compared to donors, non-preemptive recipients showed a prolonged CLT, but comparable levels of PF4 and D-dimer. In conclusion pre-transplantation, preemptively and non-preemptively transplanted patients show a comparable enhanced haemostatic state. A distinction in intraoperative heparin administration between preemptive and non-preemptive transplantation does not seem justified.

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