Pregnancy complications: health economics of screening and prevention

Najmiatul Fitria

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Pregnancy can be the most exciting but also the most challenging time in a woman's life. Pregnancy is also a time when women are most vulnerable to various health and emotional problems. Complications can occur before, during, or after pregnancy. Some complications are only mild, but some can endanger both the mother and the baby's life. However, if the mother knows the risk factors as well as the signs and symptoms of possible complications, she can take precautions or seek medical help and avoid serious health risks. This thesis aimed to assess the epidemiological and economic impact of screening issues in pregnancy and evaluate strategies' cost-effectiveness to improve pregnancy health. This thesis's content is distinguished into two main sections; the first section is on screening issues during pregnancy, and the second is on the nutritional issues during pregnancy. The screening issues describe the types of increased blood glucose among pregnant women, the burden of increased blood glucose, and cost-effective ways to manage the condition. The nutritional issues section describes the nutritional requirements during pregnancy. Here we discussed the use of Multiple Micro Nutrients (MMN) to reduce the risk of maternal and infant mortality and its health economic impact. It also discussed the possibility of dadiah being given as a source of additional nutrition for pregnant women.
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