Preliminary studies for the ORganics Exposure in Orbit (OREOcube) Experiment on the International Space Station

Jason Alonzo, A. Fresneau, A. Elsaesser, J. Chan, A. Breitenbach, P. Ehrenfreund, A. Ricco, F. Salama, A. Mattioda, O. Santos, H. Cottin, E. Dartois, L. d'Hendecourt, R. Demets, B. Foing, Z. Martins, M. Sephton, M. Spaans, R. Quinn



Organic compounds that survive in uncommon space environments are animportant astrobiology focus. The ORganics Exposure in Orbit (OREOcube)experiment will investigate, in real time, chemical changes in organiccompounds exposed to low Earth orbit radiation conditions on anInternational Space Station (ISS) external platform. OREOcube ispackaged as an identical pair of 10-cm cube instruments, each weighing<2 kg and containing a highly capable UV-Visible-NIR spectrometer, a24-sample carousel, and integral optics enabling use of the Sun as lightsource for spectroscopy, along with the electronics, microcontroller,and data storage to make each cube an autonomous stand-alone instrumentpackage requiring only a standard power and data interface. We havecharacterized the influence of mineralogically relevant inorganicmaterials on the stability, modification, and degradation of the organicmolecules under ground laboratory experimental conditions. The resultsof our laboratory experiments will be used as the basis for theselection of samples for further investigations on the OREOcube ISSexperiment. OREOcube is an international collaboration between theEuropean Space Agency, the National Aeronautics and SpaceAdministration, and University partners.
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StatusPublished - jan.-2013
EvenementAmerican Astronomical Society, AAS Meeting #221, #350.02 - , United States
Duur: 1-jan.-2013 → …


ConferenceAmerican Astronomical Society, AAS Meeting #221, #350.02
Land/RegioUnited States
Periode01/01/2013 → …

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