Preventing the next Aedes-borne arboviral disease epidemic


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    Dengue, chikungunya and Zika are infectious diseases transmitted to humans by Aedes species mosquitoes (mainly Aedes aegypti). These arboviruses caused outbreaks in several countries belonging to Africa, America, Asia, the Caribbean, and the Pacific. Besides all recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), and novel mosquito control strategies that have been developed, countries are still struggling with preventing and controlling the transmission of Aedes-borne infectious diseases (ABIDs). To overcome the difficulties in ABID control interventions, first, the challenges with regards to Aedes control at the macro-level (health system), meso-level (community), and the micro-level (individuals) of that specific country need to be determined. Therefore, this dissertation's overall aim is to investigate the context and concepts shaping the health system, community and individual prevention and control interventions/ behaviour for ABIDs in Curaçao. We have combined different research methodologies (qualitative and quantitative) and disciplines (e.g., epidemiology, entomology, microbiology, and social and environmental sciences) to study the above-mentioned research topics. Different theoretical frameworks and concepts were used to understand the intricate relationship between macro (health system), meso (social groups) and micro-level (individuals) vis-à-vis ABIDs prevention and control. All studies presented in this thesis provide readers with the information to understand the challenges of Aedes control in Curaçao holistically. Our results highlight the relevance of risk communication, cultural schemas, and heuristics in disease control. This information is useful to policymakers and others concerned with the prevention and control of ABIDs.
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