Pricing in the Digital Age: A Roadmap to Becoming a Dynamic Pricing Retailer


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Dynamic pricing and personalized pricing emerged as novel pricing approaches in the digital age; shifting to these novel pricing approaches can increase company profits by 3% to 25%. Dynamic pricing allows firms to smoothen demand and supply and to remain competitive facing price pressure. Personalized pricing enables companies to tap into consumers' different willingness to pay. However, such profit-increases only set in if managers make good choices when implementing their company's pricing approach. Managers need to overcome potential adverse consumer reactions and need to comply with privacy regulations. Managers need to create an appropriate IT infrastructure, synchronize prices in their on- and offline channels, harmonize prices in their product portfolio, and nurture a mindset that is open to automating prices. In this book chapter, I discuss these aspects and provide practical guidance for decision-makers. This discussion enables managers to decide whether and how to implement a dynamic pricing approach. Download here the book chapter.
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TitelThe digital transformation handbook – From academic research to practical insights
RedacteurenTammo Bijmolt, Thijs Broekhuizen, Bas Baalmans, Nicolai Fabian
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StatusE-pub ahead of print - 20-apr.-2021

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