Pride and Prejudice: The Martinus Nijhoff Prize for Translations 1955-2020

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    Granted since 1955 under the auspices of the Prins Bernhard Cultural Foundation, the Martinus Nijhoff Translation Prize it is considered the most important award for translators of literature in the Netherlands and Flanders. Since the prize has been in existence for sixty-six years now (2020 included), we may expect a number of shifts to have taken place during that period under the influence of social and cultural developments. In this contribution, I will explore some of these analysing jury reports and acceptance speeches. My focus will be on the way the attribution of the prize reflects developments in the literary field and, by extension, in the cultural field. Thus, I will subsequently deal with the changing poetical norms applied by the jury, the self-positioning of the translator, and gender and diversity issues. In doing so, the overarching question will be: to what extent does the awarding reflect the zeitgeist?
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