Primary umbilical endometriosis: a cause of a painful umbilical nodule

Carla I. J. M. Theunissen*, Frank F. A. Ijpma

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    A female patient presented with a painful swelling in the umbilicus. Ultrasonography demonstrated a hypodense nodule of 1.8 cm. Surgical exploration revealed a subcutaneous, dark discoloured, lobulated swelling at the bottom of the umbilicus, which turned out to be primary umbilical endometriosis (PUE). Primary umbilical endometriosis is a rare and benign disorder, caused by the presence of ectopic endometrial tissue in the umbilicus, which can present as a painful, discoloured swelling in the umbilicus. The clinical distinction between primary umbilical endometrioses and other causes of an umbilical nodule is difficult. Additional imaging modalities do not show any pathognomonic signs for establishing this diagnose. Surgical exploration and excision are a safe and definitive treatment of primary umbilical endometrioses. This case highlights the importance of including PUE in the differential diagnosis of women with a painful umbilical nodule.

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    TijdschriftJournal of surgical case reports
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    StatusPublished - mrt-2015

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